Seawolf  (Tahoe) Racing Sled Dogs 


We participate in the “limited sled sprint” classes of races sanctioned by the International Sled Dog Racing Association (ISDRA).  Under ISDRA rules a 6-dog sprint team runs a course of at least 6-mile length over two days.  An 8-dog team runs a course of at least 8-mile length.  Points are assigned depending on caliber of competition, purse, course length and days of competition. A musher’s season points are totaled to determine international ranking.  ISDRA maintains a Profile of each member musher that summarizes their career records (see Preston's Profile). Races are conducted by the Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers (SNDD) and local communities such as the Foresthill Chamber of Commerce. A race is a great opportunity to have fun and to judge your team’s speed and obedience to commands.  The fastest team does not always win. A winning team must successfully negotiate turns and make head-on and side-on passes with other teams. Also the musher must remain upright and in total control of the sled! Often control is not an easy thing on “technical” courses in the Sierra Nevada mountains where trails can be steep, twisting and icy. It seems that the harder it is on the musher the more fun it is for the dogs!

This year's team is comprised of four yearlings, a 2-yr old and three 4-yr olds.  The team has progressed exceptionally well during training.  Follow along on a training run in mid-January in the Tahoe National Forest.  The team competed in the 8-dog class of the Chester, CA, race conducted by the Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers in early February.  Placing a strong 2nd the team gained experience in their first race and showed exceptional promise for the future.

No races were held in California during 2012 due to poor snow conditions at race sites. 

We competed in the 6-dog sprint class of the race held at Foresthill, CA, on March 12-13, 2011. Click on the
Race Recap to share our experience. Here are pictures of the Seawolf (Tahoe) team at Foresthill taken by Darin Pointer of FFG Photography  and others as noted. Click on thumbnails to view a larger image.

Here are photos of the Seawolf team racing in previous years...
  Chester, CA, 2001. Nearing finish line. Niki & Sitkin in lead.
  Foresthill, CA, 2001. Leaving starting chute. Sliver & Harley in lead.
  Truckee, CA, 1997. Leaving starting chute. Jackie & Squealer in lead.
  Foresthill, CA, 2010. Race start - Day 1. Dixie & Rainbow in lead.
Photo by Anne Springston
Race Results
  Foresthill, CA, 2010.
Race start- Day 2. Dixie & Rainbow in lead.
Photo by Darin Pointer,
FFG Photography.
  Chester, CA, 2010.
Photo by Robert McConnell
Race Results
  Chester, CA, 2002. Race start. Niki & Harley in lead.
Photo by Lauren Springston