Seawolf  (Tahoe) Racing Sled Dogs 


Seawolf sled dog housing and care exceeds standards set by Mush with Pride. Each sled dog is housed in a 10x12-ft individual pen. The base of the pen floor is lined in 2x4-in wire mesh anchored by concrete. The wire prevents digging underneath the side fencing. The wire floor is covered by 4-in of pea gravel. The pea gravel provides cushioning on joints and prevents pad wear. It also allows urine to flow through and to be absorbed in the soil below. The result is sanitary living conditions and a comfortale material for the dogs. Side fencing is 6-ft high chain link anchored to logs at the base to prevent digging under. The pen tops are open to facilitate snow removal. Tall Jeffrey pine trees within and surrounding the kennel provide shade. Snow is shoveled from the pens after major winter storms to prevent the dogs from "walking out". Each dog has a flat-roofed house that provides a comfortable perch and lounge area. Straw bedding is provided in the houses in the winter for nesting. The Siberian and Alaskan huskies are totally acclimated to outdoor winter living in the Sierra. Their undercoats and top coats provide insulation and snow shedding. A husky comfortably "lounges" in snow at 0oF.

The indivdual pens open onto a large fenced open area that affords space for free play. This is invaluable for promoting social interaction, developing pack hiearchy and working off energy during the off season. The dogs receive free-play time each day.

  Each dog has an individual 10x12-ft pen. Flat-roofed houses provide "lounge" areas.
   Sunny's home after a winter storm.
   Free-play after a winter storm.

Feeding & Nutrition

The Seawolf sled dogs are fed a very high quality diet all year. The foundation of their diet is Eagle Pack “Power Formula” kibble.  The Power formula provides 30% protein and 20% fat and all essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains pro-biotics for enhanced digestion and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. During the running season each dog receives from 1200 to 2000 kcal/day depending on body weight and exercise level.  The Alaskan huskies have a faster metabolism than the Siberian huskies and are fed about 30% more kcal/day.

The kibble is supplemented during the running season to achieve the necessary calories in as dense a feed mixture as possible. This ensures complete digestion of the nutrients.  Pro-Meat 100 from Ten Squared Racing is added to enhance protein content and Impact from Annamaet Pet Foods is added to enhance protein and fat content.  The training and race diet provides 28% calories derived from  protein and 35% calories derived from fat sources.  Unlike humans, huskies efficiently metabolize fat to meet the energy demands of running.  Our sled dog diet  is consistent with guidelines established through research sponsored by the Purina Pet Institute and performed by Dr. Arleigh Reynolds and others.