Seawolf  (Tahoe) Racing Sled Dogs 

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This page contains images and video of the first Seawolf Sled Dogs, sled dog demonstrations and sled dog wranglers, Adam & Lauren ...

Sled dog demonstration held at Seawolf (Tahoe) kennel for students of Emigrant Gap school on January 4, 2011. (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos or slideshow)
Emigrant Gap school demo VIDEO
  Sled dog wrangler, Adam Springston, Markleville, CA, race, 2000
   Adam enjoys winter campout, Mammoth Lakes, CA, 1999.
  Sled dog photog, Lauren Springston, in deep snow, Chester, CA, race, 1998.
  First Seawolf sled dog team runs on the beach, Oxnard Shores, 1995
Photo by Lauren Springston
  First Seawolf sled dogs, Oxnard Shores, 1995.
(L-R, Blaze, puppy Bandit, Czar, Sheeba)
Photo by Lauren Springston
  December 98 training run in the high desert of Pearblossom, CA. Video
  Start at Markleeville, CA, 2000. Jackie & Niki in lead.
Photo by Adam Springston
  Nearing finish line at Foresthill, CA, 1997. Lil'Bit and Jackie in lead.
Photo by Bentoni, Auburn Journal
  Seawolf sled dog run to start Big Dog Parade, Santa Barbara, CA, 1998.
Photo by Lauren Springston
  Sled dog demo, Big Dog Parade, Santa Barbara, CA,1998.
Photo by Lauren Springston
  Sled dog demo, Special Education Class, Christa McAuliffe Elementary School, Oxnard, CA. Czar shares a special moment.
Photo by Lauren Springston
  Sled dog demo, Ventura College, Early Childhood Development class. Lauren & Sunny make a new friend. 
Ventura County Star photo
  Seawolf sled dogs pull Santa Adam's cart on Christmas run through family housing area, Naval Base, Ventura County, CA, 1999.
LA Times photo.