Seawolf  (Tahoe) Racing Sled Dogs 

About Us

       The Seawolf Racing Sled Dogs are owned by Preston & Anne Springston.

Our mushing journey started, oddly enough, in the seaside community of Silverstrand Beach near Oxnard, California.  The mushing world was revealed to us by Czar, a Siberian husky, that we adopted from the local Humane Society shelter in 1991.  After a year of obedience training (basic & advanced) it was evident that Czar was born to do only one thing – run.  Preston’s first teams were comprised of Czar coupled with neighbor’s dogs to form a team that was trained by pulling a small wheeled cart on the beach.  The team name, Seawolf Racing Sled Dogs, derives from these huskies that looked like wolves that were running by the sea. In fact team members are solely "canines" with no recent wolf ancestors. The “uniqueness” of this activity led to a video story on CNN network news and several articles in the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

Our kennel of Siberian huskies and Alaskan huskies is now located at 6000-ft elevation in the Sierra Nevada mountains about 10-miles north of Truckee, CA.  The team trains in fall and winter on trails in the Tahoe National Forest adjacent to our property. Annual snowfall ranges from 5 to over 12 –ft in our local area. The team starts training in October using a Quad ATV. The dogs work on muscle conditioning and command recognition.  Training switches to fucus on speed and use of a sled once there is about a foot of packed snow on the trails. The team trains for sprint races in the “limited” 6-dog or 8-dog, sled classes. These typically run 6 to 8 mile heats over two days.  Each season the team makes about 100 runs and covers 500 to 700 miles depending on weather and trail conditions.

                          Visitors are welcome with advance notice.

  Preston has over 18-years of mushing and sled dog racing experience.  He is a member of the Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers and the International Sled Dog Racing Association (Preston's ISDRA race record and member profile).  He has extensive experience in obedience training, canine weight pulling and sled dog racing in sprint and mid-distance classes.

Top ISDRA Season Rankings (California)
09/10 - 1st 6-Dog Sled Speed
06/07 - 2nd 8-Dog Sled Speed
03/04 - 4th 6-Dog Sled Mid-Distance
01/02 -4th 8-Dog Sled Speed
00/01 - 1st 8-Dog Sled Speed
09/00 - 1st 8-Dog Sled Speed
98/99- 4th 8-Dog Sled Speed
  Anne assists in individual dog and team training, puppy rearing and socializing and in daily management of the kennel.
Dog Valley Road / Truckee Trail

Our kennel is located on Dog Valley road about 8-miles north of Truckee, CA. Dog Valley road was part of the Truckee Trail that emigrants, including the ill-fated Donner Party, followed, starting in 1846, from Verdi to and over Donner Summit. Present day Verdi is a small Nevada community located beside the Truckee River at the foot of the eastern slope of the Sierra. Dog Valley road is still unsurfaced and parts of the original emigrant trail run just off the present day road. The Seawolf team trains on segments of the original Truckee trail when making runs from the kennel to Stampede Reservoir (Little Truckee River), Russel Valley and Prosser Reservoir (Prosser Creek). It's easy to imagine the spirit of these early settlers while driving a dog team along these trails with a backdrop of incredible scenic vistas.

Seawolf Racing Sled Dogs
Russel Valley Area
Truckee, CA